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Technical Notices
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Current Notices

Summary ETR Services Area Start
Packet Loss to Google 24-Oct-2016 18:00pm Google sites AUS:NSW 24-Oct-2016 09:30am
Sydney FEWAN services 11-Jul-2016 15:20pm Sydney FEWAN services AUS:NSW 11-Jul-2016 09:50am
Multiple Access Service Outage 19-Apr-2016 17:02pm Multiple Access Services AUS:NSW 19-Apr-2016 16:32pm

There are no Scheduled Notices for the next week

Recent Notices

Summary Start End Services Area
MEL COLO Services Outage 19-Oct-2016 10:35am 19-Oct-2016 19:32pm MEL COLO Services AUS:VIC
Hazard Work: Scheduled ADSL Maintenance 10-Sep-2016 23:00pm 11-Sep-2016 05:00am ADSL AUS:NSW
Microsoft Webhosting Services Scheduled Maintenance 28-Aug-2016 04:30am 28-Aug-2016 06:30am Microsoft Webhosting Services AUS:All
Microsoft Webhosting Service Scheduled Maintenance 31-Jul-2016 04:30am 31-Jul-2016 06:30am Microsoft Webhosting Services AUS:All
SIP Service Scheduled Maintenance 20-Jul-2016 02:00am 20-Jul-2016 06:00am SIP Services AUS:NSW